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Omer Stingray Evo Brown Plastic Blade

The Omer Stingray Evo Fins are wider than average and provide a high thrust. An oval water channel is placed in the low-flex zone that increases the hydrodynamic efficiency without sacrificing any thrust. Use less muscle power for more propelling force! Maximum performance the hole acts as a stabilizer by channeling water vertically through the canopy. The rough part on the front of the canopy allows better grip during the thrust phase and the flap at the end of the canopy gives more uniform thrust efficiency. Comfort foot pockets based on aid in energy transfer and less strain on ankles and toes.

The fins blade is made from polypropylene with a dual thickness thermo rubber (soft 55-degree shore, hard 85-degree shore) foot pocket. Foot pocket equipped with a finger pull tab for easy donning and doffing. The fin blades have a 21-degree angle. Blades are a modular interchangeable design and measure (L x W) 30.7" x 8.27" (780mm x 210mm). Fins are available in multiple sizes from US 3.5/4.5 to 13/14 (EUR 35/36 to 47/48). Fins are brown in color.




  • Stingray Evo Brown Fins:
  • Wider than Average Fins
  • Provides High Thrust
  • Oval Water Channel:
    Placed-In Low-Flex Zone
    Increases Hydrodynamic Efficiency
    No Sacrificing Thrust
  • Less Muscle Power for More Propelling Force!
  • Maximum Performance:
    Hole Acts-As-Stabilizer by Channeling Water Vertically Thru-Canopy.
    Rough Part-On Front of Canopy Allows Better Grip During Thrust Phase
    Flap-At-End of Canopy: Gives More Uniform Thrust Efficiency
  • Comfort Foot Pockets:
    Based-On Aid-In Energy Transfer
    Less Strain-On Ankles & Toes
  • Dual Thickness Thermo Rubber Foot Pocket:
    soft 55-Degree Shore/Hard 85-Degree Shore
    Strong Energy Transfer Thru-Legs
    Into-Foot &-to-Blades In-Comfort
  • Low Modular Polypropylene Blade
  • Blade: 21-Degree Angle Between Foot Pocket & Blade
  • Finger Heel Pull-Tab for Easy Donning/Doffing
  • Blade Dimensions (L x W): 30.7" x 8.27" (780mm x 210mm)
  • Available-In Multiple Sizes
  • Color: Brown