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Omer Dual Carbon

The Omer Stingray Dual Carbon Fins, have a blade made of a moderately angled 100% multi-layered carbon. This fin offers best performance for demanding divers. The dual thickness thermo-rubber foot pocket provides softness and fits like a shoe thanks to the softer 55-degree and harder 85-degree shore combined hardness. Since the foot pocket is based on dual thickness material, the thicker part provides efficient energy transfer from the foot into the blade. The thinner material is more flexible to provide soft fit and avoid rubbing.

The Omer Stingray Dual Carbon Fins modular design allows the diver to interchange fin blades to meet their diving performance. The fin has a 22-degree blade angle for optimal thrust power and less strain on knees and ankles. The blade measures (L x W) 35.64" x 7.67" (800mm x 195mm) and has reinforced stress points that add strength and durability. The long edge rails focus the propulsion when fining down the length of the blade for added thrust and maneuverability. Heel section of the blades is sandwiched, which offers extra durability and a high flex-to power ratio. Fin is specifically designed for spear fishing and free diving yet, can be used for scuba diving too. Fin is available in multiple sizes.

           Stingray Dual Carbon Fins:

  • Blade: Moderately Angled 100% Multi-Layered Carbon
  • Best Performance for Demanding Divers
  • Foot Pocket:
    Dual Thickness Thermo-Rubber
    Provides Softness & Fits Like-A-Shoe
    Softer 55-Degree & Harder 85-Degree Shore Combined Hardness
    Thicker Part Provides Efficient Energy Transfer from Foot into Blade
    Thinner Material More Flexible Providing Soft Fit & Avoids Rubbing
  • Modular Design: interchange Blades to Meet Divers Needs
  • 22-Degree Blade Angle:
    Optimal Thrust Power
    Less Strain On-Knees & Ankles
  • Reinforced Stress Points: Adds Strength & Durability
  • Long Edge Rails:
    Focus Propulsion when Fining Down Blade Length
    Adds Thrust & Maneuverability
  • Heel Section of Blades:
    Sandwiched, Offers Extra Durability
    High Flex-to-Power Ratio
  • Specifically Designed for Spear Fishing & Free Diving
  • Also Great for Scuba
  • Blade Dimension (L x W): 35.64" x 7.67" (800mm x 195mm)
  • Available-In Multiple Sizes