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Apex Hooded Vest 4/6MM


• ECO NEOPRENE. Neoprene made from limestone is kinder to the environment than traditional petroleum-based neoprene.
• INTERNAL SEALS. Internal wrist and ankle seals minimize water entry keeping you warmer and drier.
• SUPER STRETCH. 4-way stretch neoprene so you can move with minimal restrictions.
• LIQUID SEAMS. Double stitched and sealed seams prevent water entry and increases life of wetsuit.
• RECYCLED LAMINATION FABRIC. Lamination fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles.
• WATER BASED GLUE (AQUA). Water-based lamination and bonding adhesives use less harmful chemicals and solvents.
• GRAPHENE TECHNOLOGY. Superconductor lining allows heat to transfer from warm spots to cold spots.