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Seirus Heatwave Thick N Thin Liner

Our exclusive Heatwave thermodynamic lining as a 4-way stretch hood with cozy, 200wt technical fleece neck warmer Thin Heatwave balaclava for kinetic&reflective dry, wicking warmth Polartec fleece neck-up for added warmth Flat seam construction 4-N-1

  1. Helmet Liner
  2. Balaclava
  3. Scarf
  4. Neck-Up

Heatwave technology allows this headpiece to reflect the heat of your body, amplifying warmth and transforming a lightweight headliner into an amazingly warm piece of gear. With a thin skull and thick neck section, you get amazing warmth capacity out of a piece that also fits comfortably under helmets or hats. By combining the Heatwave material with 200wt performance fleece neck protection, the Heatwave Thick nThin achieves maximum warmth with minimum bulk.