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Atomic Revent Q Signature TD tells the story of the iconic film skier Tim Durtschi – a master of air and style in big mountains – who grew up under the northern lights of Alaska. Tim designed the goggles to represent the aurora borealis and his fond memories of skiing on dark, starry nights. At the high-latitude ski area of Alyeska, Tim found his passion for skiing and dreamed of skiing the biggest mountains in Alaska. Now, he does just that, and needs goggles with a huge field of vision that adjusts to rapidly changing conditions. Atomic HD PHOTO Lens Technology delivers exceptional vision in all light conditions with one photochromic lens that automatically adjusts to changing light, meaning Tim always sees perfect color, clarity and contrast. Revent Q Signature TD features an interchangeable contouring toric lens (and an extra lens), while ID chamfer ensures the cleanest goggle-helmet integration and Live Fit Frame creates an instant personalized fit.

Hydrophobic Lens Coating

A durable coating that repels moisture, grease and dirt: clear visibility no matter the conditions.

Over The Glasses (OTG LITE)

Extra grooves on the frame for prescription eyewear, but a design that also works for all skiers.

Adaptive LF Tri-Layer Face Foam

Memory Face Foam + standard face foam + a quick-drying fabric layer. Instantly molds to your face.

Silicone-coated Strap

Silicone on the inside of your strap means it doesn’t move or ride up the back of your helmet.

Large Fit


incl. 3D molded EVA Box