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Atomic Four Pro Signature meets the needs of progressive backcountry skiers whose dreams are as big as the mountains they climb. Following the design of Atomic Backland touring skis, these goggles bring urban-inspired style to the backcountry and the individuals who are drawn there. HD PHOTO Lens Technology responds to changing light while dialing in the contrast and clarity, while the cylindrical double lens curves on the sides while remaining vertically flat, offering great peripheral vision and a low-profile. Plus, Atomic’s Sealed Lens System shuts out moisture and fogging, and users can easily swap out the provided extra lens. Live Fit Frame instantly molds to the contours of your face – creating a personalized fit right out of the box. Useful features include a strap clip—never stretch your goggles over your helmet again. Atomic Four Pro Signature includes a 3D molded EVA Box.

Cylindrical Double Lens

Cylindrical lenses curve horizontally while remaining flat vertically.

Easy Lens Switch

Snap in a new lens to easily adapt to changing weather and light conditions.

Over The Glasses (OTG LITE)

Extra grooves on the frame for prescription eyewear, but a design that also works for all skiers.

Adaptive LF Tri-Layer Face Foam

Memory Face Foam + standard face foam + a quick-drying fabric layer. Instantly molds to your face.

Large Fit