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MK25 EVO BT DIN300/S620Ti 60th Anniversary Carbon BT

SCUBAPRO celebrates its 60th anniversary as a dive industry innovator with an iconic limited edition regulator, the MK25 EVO/S620 Ti Carbon BT. The MK25 EVO first stage features a special Black Tech, DLC-based coating that provides a shiny, deep black finish with higher scratch and oxidation resistance. The protective end cap includes a distinctive red “60 Year Anniversary” print. The spring, which can be seen through the compensation chamber holes, features the same red color. The S620 Ti Carbon BT second stage features a titanium barrel with knob ring and barrel nut, a handmade carbon fiber part fitted on the front cover and red “60 Year Anniversary” prints on the casing that match the red accents on the first stage. This special limited edition regulator comes in a FSC-certified wooden box engraved with both SCUBAPRO and 60 Year Anniversary logos. A black anodized laser engraved aluminum tag carrying the progressive serial number matching the regulator is also included, highlighting the exclusivity of this limited edition regulator for collectors.