Sherwood Brut Regulator

By Sherwood


Totally redesigned to provide outstanding breathing performance. the Brut maintains dedication to rugged reliability combined with ease of maintenance. The Brut has been the overwhelming favorite for rental applications for decades because of its simple reliability.

First Stage:
• Balanced-piston first stage for constant intermediate pressure control over a large range of supply pressures.
• Patented Dry–sealed spring chamber maintains clean interior and excludes first stage icing in cold water.
• High capacity inlet filter.
• Four LP ports & two HP ports for versatile hose routing options.

• Larger diaphragm for optimal response to inhalation.
• Larger exhaust valve for decreased exhalation resistance.
• Resilient silicone rubber seat.
• Precision - ground stainless steel cam and Delrin lever for smooth effortless breathing.
• High impact housing for rugged applications.