Scubapro R295 Octo

By Scubapro



Technical Information

R295 Second Stage

  • Classic downstream valve
  • VIVA Preset
  • Super-flow hose
  • High comfort orthodontic mouthpiece
  • Full metal valve housing
  • Left/right hose attachment
  • Weight: 167g / 5.9oz
  • Air flow at 200 bar: 1400 l/min - 50 SCFM
  • Maximum low pressure: 14 bar / 203
  • Classic downstream valve for safe and reliable performance due to robust design and low maintenance.
  • 1 metre hose for convenient alternate air source function  with yellow hose protector and yellow regulator cover for easy identification
  • Left & right hose attachments for extra flexibility and comfortable positioning, so you can keep it on whatever side feels best. Right hand attachment is supplied as standard but the left hand conversion can be performed by an Authorised SCUBAPRO service technician.
  • Compact size and lightweight materials for comfort and reduced drag during the dive.
  • Orthodontic silicone mouthpiece in smaller size for perfect fit, no gum irritation and less jaw fatigue.
  • Fixed VIVA for safe and uncomplicated use.
  • R295 Octopus matches all SCUBAPRO first stages.