Scubapro Classic Unlimited

By Scubapro



Technical Information

Size Lift (N) Lift (kg/lb) Max bottle size (l)
XS 140 14.3 / 31.5 18
S 140 14.3 / 31.5 18
M 210 21.4 / 47.2 18
L 280 28.6 / 62.9 10+10
XL 310 31.6 / 69.7 10+10

Classic Unlimited is a recent revision to our long lineage of stabilizing BCs. The 3D contoured shaping concept allows air to move freely, enabling precise, predictable buoyancy, high lift capacities and a perfect fit. This jacket is packed full of features for the demanding diver.

  • The 'face up' position assures a high level of safety on the surface
  • Unique hand-glued construction for increased longterm durability
  • 3-dump deflation system is exceptionally reliable and easy to operate
  • Soft neoprene neck roll and thermo-formed foam padded back pack pad for exceptional comfort in and out of the water
  • One-hand operation steel super-cinch tank band for easy to adjust security
  • Accessory-packed with safety whistle, 5 stainless D-rings and knife attachment points on both large pockets
  • Quick-release integrated weight system
  • Two rear trip pockets counterbalance front weights and provide a well-balanced swimming position
  • Flexible cummerbund with sturdy stainless steel cam buckle
  • Available with Balanced Power Inflator or optional AIR2 alternate air source