Henderson 5mm Aqualock Wetsuit

By Henderson




Aqua Lock


Henderson is proud to introduce the Aqua Lock® wetsuit system. This revolutionary wetsuit system design is the first of its kind tooffer interlocking wetsuit wrist, ankles and neck openings which are designed specifically to mate with interlocking Aqua Lock® hoods, boots and gloves to form a nearly impenetrable seal which minimizes cold water entry into the Aqua Lock® ensemble.

Size Chart & Special Fit Information

The Henderson size charts are provided as a rough guide to fitting. Because suits are made from many types of materials which contain different stretch characteristics, we strongly recommend trying on several sizes to assure you are getting the best fit possible.

3 ways to achieve a perfect fit!!


If after consulting with a Henderson Dealer you are unable to find a proper fitting wetsuit in the standard Henderson size range. Henderson can produce a custom suit that will be based on your specific size requirements. All Henderson Digital Fit suits are manufactured using 29 precise measurements. You will need to visit an authorized Henderson dealer to provide this service. (please call ahead to confirm your local dealer is a Digital Fit Center) The Henderson dealer will measure you in a Lycra Skin and forward your measurements to Henderson. Your new suit will be cut by our automated system and the suit returned to the dealer. YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO RETURN TO THE DEALER FOR A FITTING. SOME ADDITIONAL ALTERATION MAY BE NECESSARY, AND YOUR DEALER WILL NEED TO RETURN THE SUIT FOR THESE ALTERATIONS TO BE COMPLETED AT THE FACTORY. Digital Fit suits are provided as a service for people who cannot be fitted properly in a stock wetsuit. Due to the additional charges involved with this service we do not recommend Custom suits for divers who will fit into a stock size. In those cases our Tailor Fit Program should provide any minor modifications to achieve an optimum fit.


The Henderson Tailor Fit Program will allow you to have minor fit adjustments made to your wetsuit before you purchase it at a very affordable cost. Here’s how it works: Visit your Henderson dealer and find the suit and style that most closely matches your requirements. Your dealer will determine the fit adjustments that need to be made. Your dealer will contact the factory and request a tailor fit suit. Henderson will pull a suit from stock make the necessary alterations and ship the suit to your dealer. THIS SERVICE CAN BE DONE IN AS LITTLE AS TWO BUSINESS DAYS, HOWEVER AIR FREIGHT CHARGES MAY APPLY. PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DEALER FOR DETAILS. Tailor Fit Alterations include: Adding or subtracting up to 3 inches from arms or legs. Please note that torso adjustments can not be made in the Tailor Fit Program


Is your top bigger than your bottom? Is your bottom bigger than your top? Either way it’s no longer a problem, Henderson now splits sizes on all two piece wetsuits You can even mix thicknesses and materials. Just tell the salesman at your local authorized Henderson dealer you want to split sizes on your new suit.

BUST 27″-29″ 29″-31″ 31″-33″ 33″-35″ 33″-35″ 35″-37″ 35″-37″ 37″-39″ 37″-39″ 39″-41″ 41″-43″ DRESS SIZE 15-18 DRESS SIZE 19-22
WAIST 22″-24″ 24″-26″ 26″-28″ 27″-29″ 27″-29″ 30″-32″ 30″-32″ 32″-34″ 32″-34″ 34″-36″ 36″-38″
HIPS 30″-32″ 32″-34″ 34″-36″ 36″-38″ 36″-38″ 38″-40″ 38″-40″ 40″-42″ 40″-42″ 42″-44″ 44″-46″
WEIGHT 105lbs 110lbs 115lbs 120lbs 130lbs 130lbs 140lbs 140lbs 150lbs 150lbs 160lbs
HEIGHT 5’2″-5’4″ 5’4″-5’6″ 5’5″-5’7″ 5’6″-5’8″ 5’9 1/2-5’11 1/2″ 5’7″-5’9″ 5’10 1/2-6’1/2″ 5’8″-5’10″ 5’11 1/2″-6’1 1/2″ 5’9″-5’11″ 5’11″-6’1″ Petite Petite