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Dive Rentals & Service

Bob's Sea & Ski offers SCUBA RENTALS!

  • $20...Tank
  • $20...BC
  • $20...Wetsuit
  • $20...Regulator

Each renter MUST present current Dive Certification Card for ALL rentals & air fills.

We are also a full SERVICE SCUBA SHOP!

  • $12.50...tank fill (Aluminum tanks dated 1990 or later will NO LONGER be filled/serviced)
  • $12.50...high pressure/paint ball tank fill
  • $65...1st & 2nd Stage Regulators (+parts)
  • $40...BC with Air 2 or power inflator (+parts)
  • $36.00...Steel Tank VIP (annual test)
  • $37.00...Aluminum Tank Visual Eddy Plus (annual test)
  • $36...Hydrostatic testing with cleaning (5-year test stamped in the neck of the tank)

Call or stop in for all wetsuit & drysuit repairs (pricing varies by vendor).