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Dive Classes

Snorkeling for Fun & Fitness

Learn the basics of snorkeling, snorkel swimming, equipment positioning, maneuvering, floating, snorkel clearing and equalization techniques. Students gain a high level of confidence in the water while burning crazy calories! 
Classes are held EVERY Friday 6-8 pm at UMASS Dartmouth Pool.

Cost: $75 Pre-registration is required.  INCLUDES use of mask, snorkel, fins, & wetsuit!

Advanced Snorkeling & Spearfishing

Learn advanced snorkeling, efficient kicking, breath holding skills, buoyancy control, and a general introduction to spear fishing. This course is a class/pool session with an open water spearfishing adventure!  Students must own mask, fins, snorkel. Wetsuit, weight belt, & speargun are provided for this class.

Classes are Monday at the shop & pool (UMASS) on Friday...both nights are 6-8pm.  Open water spearfishing dates & times vary based on tides & weather conditions

Cost: $500 per student (2 person limit)  Pre-registration is required. 

Try SCUBA Experience

Try SCUBA is your chance to get wet & experience what SCUBA Diving is all about.  We know that once you come in & try'll LOVE IT!

Try SCUBA Experience is a 2 hour class and pool session.  Includes ALL equipment (mask, fins, snorkel, BC, regulator, tank, & wetsuit).

Classes are held Fridays 6-8 pm at UMASS Dartmouth Pool.

Cost: $175 per student. Pre-registration is required. (Course fee can be applied to the Open Water Certification Class)

Call to schedule your class today!

Scuba Skills update:
Classes upon request. $250 includes DVD, SCUBA gear & 2 hour poolside review at UMASS Dartmouth Pool.

Open Water Certification

This is an entry level program through SSI that is designed to bring the snorkeler into the depths of the underwater world!  Classwork is competed online and reviewed with our instructors in a classroom setting.  Pool training completed in three 2-hour sessions then it's off to the open water for the completion of this life-long internationally recognized diving certification.  Class portion is held at Bob's Sea & Ski; Pool sessions are held at UMASS Dartmouth. Class/Pool sessions are Monday/Friday or Wed/Friday from 6-8 pm. 

2024 Classes Start:

Spring 2024

Cost: $900 per person.  Includes use of SCUBA gear (BC, Regulator, Tank, & wetsuit).  Students are required to purchase mask, snorkel, dive fins, boots, weight belt/weights, hood, & gloves.

Private Open Water Instruction

This open water course is geared to fit your busy schedule!  Get certified at your own pace.  Online training that you complete in your free time & schedule.  Once completed, you will meet privately with one of our instructors for review or course work, final testing, pool sessions, & open water dives.  We start when you are ready!  

Cost: $1800 per student.  Includes use of all SCUBA equipment (BC, Regulator, Tank, Westuit). Students are required to own personal mask, snorkel, dive fins, boots, weight belt/ weights, hood, & gloves.

Specialty Dive Courses   

Ongoing educational classes are a great way to advance your skills as an Open Water or Advanced Open Water Diver!  These classes include text material, pool, & open water components.  Pool sessions are on the Friday evening following class with open water component TBA by the instructor. 

Equipment Techniques7:30-10:00 am




Night/Limited Visibility:6-8:00pm 


Science of Diving: 6-8pm


Stress Rescue:6-8:00pm ($299)


CPR/First Aid-React Right 6-8:30pm ($125...class meets 1x/week for 2 weeks)

 Cost: $250 per course (unless indicated).  Includes on-line, personal instruction/review, pool session, & open water.